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Avon achievers with Team GBR

Written by Gail Reynolds on October 8, 2012

Avon campaign 15 results are in and wow did we have a magnificent 3 weeks.

Team GBR Avon achievements

There have been several achievers in the campaign but I would like to kick of our congratulations to Dawn Eccles in Dorset.

What an amazing achievement Dawn had in Campaign 15 results.  With 2 children and a hubby in the navy life needs to be juggled successfully so that Dawn can achieve her dreams with Avon.  So it gives us great pleasure to let the world know that Dawn reached her Advanced sales leadership level this campaign.

In doing so, Dawn managed to train, coach and develop 2 brand new sales leaders Kayleigh Dunnings and Julia Thomas.  And with that we would like to congratulate them both too, on their achievements within their Avon business so far.

Dawn Eccles Level 4 incentive achiever

Dawn has also gone on to achieve her Level 4 Incentive courtesy of Team GBR.  Team GBR set up an Exclusive list of Incentives for all Top Line sales leaders that join our team.  Dawn has achieve her level 4 status with us and has received a £150.00 advertising budget to spend on generating leads for both her and her down line newly qualified sales leaders.

Avon Sales leader level qualifiers

Another 2 qualifying sales leaders within team GBR are Oberos KeatlyJema De'Lorme and Sara Storer

All off the following;  Oberon Jema and Sara have achieved their sales leadership status in campaign 15, and Jema qualified in her 1st campaign with 8 Avon representatives joining her team and all 8 placing their 1st orders with Avon.

 Avon activity

We would also like to congratulate Razia Mahmoud for becoming the sales leader on our team that gained a 100% activity within her business.  Achieving 100% activity is not an easy achievement   Because as with any business it is difficult to have all the people achieving all the targets at the same time.  So, a huge congrats to Razia for your achievement of 100% activity in Avon's campaign 15 results.

Avon personal Sales

Finally but most certainly not least we would like to recognise Ian and Margaret Greenaway in Swansea for their astonishing personal sales volume this campaign.  I am sure they won't mind me sharing with you that they sold over £3300.00 on their own personal sales and achieved their Advanced sales leadership status back too!...And all this after having a little baby girl just over a month ago!

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