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Avon top achievers

Written by Gail Reynolds on November 1, 2012

October was the month for numerous Avon Team GBR achievers.

Achieving with Avon

With a company that has been alive for more than 125 years and still going strong it's no wonder those that Join Avon become successful extremely quickly.  That is not to say it doesn't need hard work and focus.  One of Team GBR's newest members Pauline Walker Proves this with her amazing 1st campaign as an Avon Sales leader.

Pauline Walker Avon Sales Leader

Pauline says " I am happily married with one son and a Labradoodle called Teddy, (he is a small doodle with a big attitude!!).  I am delighted to say I am an Avon Lady.  This has given me so much freedom; working for myself with Avon, is working for myself but not by myself.  I have met and continue to meet lots of inspirational people who share my passion for Avon, self improvement and empowerment."

With Pauline's tenacity and zest for building her business she has managed to not only achieve Sales leader level on her 1st campaign but also achieve 100% activity with 13 our of 13 team members placing qualifying orders.  The certificate above is for Pauline also qualifying for Team GBR's Exclusive 6 Level incentive plan (Level 1) My Book Mum's the word and Nuts and bolts by Jan Ruhe.

Other achievers of the Team GBR Exclusive incentive Programme were;

Rebecca Adams Avon Sales Leader

Rebecca has achieved her 2nd Level within the Team GBR incentive plan and has been rewarded a Satellite Navigation Unit.  Rebecca has only been with Avon and Team GBR for 4 campaigns and has already achieved several things.  Not only did she manage her 2nd Level Achievement Rebecca now has her 1st qualified sales leader Sarah Witts.

Sarah Witts Avon Sales Leader

We would like to Congratulate Sarah for her amazing achievement in just 3 weeks.  Becoming a qualified sales leader has earned Sarah all her bonuses and her 1st paid commission from her teams efforts.

Other sales leaders achieving the same as Sarah are:

Mrs V Hovarth Avon Sales Leader


Deborah Kennard Avon Sales Leader


Emma Moore Avon Sales Leader


Kyri Avon Sales Leader


Miss E Brooks Avon Sales Leader

Another achiever of the Level 1 Team GBR Exclusive incentives is Oberon Keatley

Oberon Keatley Avon sales leader

Oberon has been with us as a Team GBR member for 5 campaigns.  Oberon says "  I quickly decided that the Sales Leadership earning opportunity was the way forward for me and my 2 school aged children. I took a break from AVON in 2011 due to health problems and the end of my marriage, but returned in 2012 a stronger happier person! I missed my AVON business and the people I met every day; customers, Representatives and the other Sales Leaders. I’m grateful that I've found a business that fits around my family so perfectly – I can always say ‘Yes, I’ll be there!’ to sports days, reading days, school trips and plays, whilst paying for outings and trips to Pizza Hut."

Oberon has also began to train her 1st down line sales leader too a lovely husband and wife team that we know is going to rock the Avon world of recruiting!

Avon Campaign 16 Results

The amazing achievements don't stop there, we have also had 2 new advanced sales leaders too.  Team GBR would like to congratulate both

Sheila Jones Avon Advanced Sales Leader


Lynne Robbie Avon Advanced Sales Leader

Both these ladies have achieved their Advanced Sales Leader levels in campaign 16, both earning their bonuses and almost doubling their Avon Sales Leadership commission levels 

Avon Executive Sales Leader Natalie Collinson

Natalie Collinson has been a inspirational member of Avon Team GBR.  With 2 children and other businesses Natalie has been dedicated to building her Avon business and leading from the front with her team.  And it has all paid of for her as Natalie achieved the Executive Sales Leader Level in campaign 16.  We would like to congratulate Natalie for her achievements and look forward to seeing her reach the Senior Executive Sales Leader Level in the near future.

And Finally...

We cannot leave out this incredible achievement for the 2nd campaign in a row.  Our beautiful husband and wife team Ian and Margaret Greenaway have achieved the Highest Personal sales amongst the entire team of Sales Leaders and sold a staggering £4,699.55 worth of sales in Campaign 16.  Smashing last campaigns sales by over £1000.00.

Margaret and Ian Greenaway Top Avon Sales achievers

Having not long given birth to their 4th baby, it inspires me to see just how dedicated they both are to their Avon business.  Both are now Silver PC Members for the Avon Presidents Club, and they are by far our highest achievers for personal sales throughout the entire team.

If you would like to know more about becoming part of Team GBR and achieving great things within the Avon MLM and Network Marketing business then just let me know by clicking on the Ask me a question button at the top of this blog.






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