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2014 Avon Team GBR Cash Incentive Winners!

Written by Gail Reynolds on December 10, 2014

This is one of our Exclusive Team GBR cash incentives, just like we did last year. This year we had 3 amazing achievers and we can't wait to tell you all about it!

Avon Team GBR Cash Incentive Winners got their massive cash bonuses on Campaign 18 2014 based on their end of year Top Line Representative qualifying orders growth. The higher the growth, the more money you achieve.

Avon Team GBR Cash Incentive Winners

Avon Team GBR Cash Incentive Winners

We have 3 achievers this year, with growths of 20, 27 and 49. We could not be happier with these guys and hope they enjoy that extra cash this Christmas time!

Vasi Vakil (£100)

Michelle Birch (£100)

Jane Philpott (£300)

Vasi Vakil has achieved a growth between 20 - 30 meaning he has won £100. Vasi has done extremely well during his time with Avon, and we can't wait to congratulate you with your cheque and of course a certificate!

Michelle Birch also achieved a growth between 20 - 30, meaning she won herself £100. We can not congratulate you enough with your wonderful achievements this year with us.

Jane Philpott achieved a growth between 40 - 50 meaning she has won £300. Fantastic! Janes team has grown very much in the past 18 campaigns and it's only right we praise you for your continued hard work and determination.

2014 Avon Team GBR Cash Incentive Winners!

2014 Avon Team GBR Cash Incentive Winners!

Again, well done to our 3 2014 Avon Team GBR Cash Incentive Winners! We can not praise you enough, well done for all your efforts. They will indeed pay off in the end!

Also, congratulations to everybody else who took part in this years Cash Incentive. There were a handful of you who were also really close to achieving, and we just want to say don't give up!

Avon success quote

Avon success quote

What's 2015's incentive?

So you might be wondering, "what's the big Exlusive Team GBR incentive?!" well, it's one of our newest incentives, never been set before by us...

Team GBR Holiday Incentive 2015

That's right, the lucky achievers of this incentive will be jetting off on a luxury holiday with us - the 3 top achievers! We can't wait to see how you guys all work towards this one, and we know it will be a great experience for us all.

 More details

  • There are 3 places available, with the option of bringing a partner or a friend as well.
  • we will be staying in a private villa with a swimming pool.
  • accommodation is paid for by us (a twin or double room will be allocated to achievers)
  • you will recieve £100 towards your flight only
  • we will hold a recognition dinner whilst out at our sunny destination
  • the holiday will be for a period of 5 - 7 days and in the months of either November, December or January 2015/16

Click here to find out more

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