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Avon Campaign 9 2015 giveaway

Written by Gail Reynolds on April 15, 2015

As an award winning Avon team, we are always ready to launch new and exiting incentives and giveaways for all our hard working team members. (Have you seen our holiday incentive for campaign 12 2015?) Prepare for our next one:

Avon Campaign 9 2015 giveaway

Our latest one is for anyone in our team who grows by 8 or more campaign 9 additions! That right - anyone that has grown by 8 or more campaign 9 additions will achieve, no first, second or third places.

The achievers of this fantastic giveaway witll recieve a £50 Staples voucher!

From technology to cleaning and breakroom to yes, even wheelbarrow tires. Staples are adding products to their store every day for more types of businesses than ever. Have you got your LOA 1 - 3 trays yet? Maybe that is something you could look into with your free £50 Staples voucher!

Avon Campaign 9 2015 giveaway

Avon Campaign 9 2015 giveaway


Having a tablet to hand during sign ups can be extremely useful, as it's quick access online, it's easy to carry and of course convenient. Maybe you could put your £50 voucher towards one? Apple iPad Air 2 = £399

Get yourself started with the LOA 1 - 3 trays, invest as little as £7.10 for a set of 3 trays!

Need a place for you to work at home? Office desks are going for as little as £44.99 (stanford desk in Staples) - and you will still have a few pennies left for some nice new pens!

Lastly - we love our stationary so much, we could quite easy spend £50 on new pens, pencils, and note pads. If you're in need, go for it - we know we would.

Terms and Conditions

No family members signed up will count, anyone within Team GBR can win and you must enjoy yourself! 🙂 The figure will come from the End of Campaign summary report.


Good luck!

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