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Avon Time 2 Tag!

Written by Gail Reynolds on April 29, 2015

Are you ready to earn some more cash with your Avon business? Got your eyes set on that gorgeous pair of shoes, or looking to invest some more money into your business?

Well, Avon Time 2 Tag has come along just at the right time for you then!

Avon Time 2 Tag!

Avon Time 2 Tag!

How to earn £250

All you need to do is bring in 1 Sales Leader between 25th April and 15th May, and teach them how to generate LOA 1 orders over MOV in their team. If they have 3 LOA 1 orders over MOV, congratulations! You have achieved a lovely sum of £250.

How to earn £500

To earn £500, all you have to do is generate 2 new Sales Leaders who cumulatively generate 6 or more LOA 1 orders over MOV. How easy is that?

How to find Sales Leaders

What you need to look for is Gail's Golden Rules to finding Leaders. This can be found via Free Resources > Leader Resources > Gails Golden Rules > Gails Golden Rules to finding Leaders. On the printable PDF, you will discover all of the key characteristics for the perfect Leader, all the great resources you can provide your new Leader to help to grow and develop, and a list of important things to remember. We strongly urge you to download the printable PDF and thoroughly read through it, to give you the best chance of achieving the full £500.

Avon Time 2 Tag: GGR to finding Leaders

Avon Time 2 Tag: GGR to finding Leaders

 Other incentives

Don't forget, Team GBR also have an exclusive incentive running for Avon campaign 9. You could get your hands on £50 worth of Staples vouchers! Follow this blog to find out more.

Terms and Conditions

1. Step one of this incentive runs from 25th April 2015 to 15th May 2015 inclusive. Trainee Sales Leaders tagged in this period will count towards the Incentive. Avon reserves the right to refuse appeals regarding Trainees that were tagged outside of this timeframe.
2. Step two of this incentive runs from Campaign 8 2015 – Campaign 10 2015 inclusive (T/S Campaign 10 2015 – Campaign 12 2015) “Incentive Period”. Only Sales Leaders tagged in step 1 will count towards step 2 if converted to a new appointing Sales Leader.
3. All Independent Avon Sales Leaders (“Sales Leaders”) are eligible to participate in this incentive, including Trainee Sales Leaders. All qualifiers must be of at least Sales Leader paid commission status at the end of Campaign 10 2015 (T/S 12 2015) in order to receive the reward.
4. Only Trainee Sales Leaders tagged in your direct team (first generation) will count towards this incentive. Trainee Sales Leaders tagged by your downline Sales Leaders or Area Manager will not be counted.
5. Only LOA 1 Orders of award sales greater than or equal to MOV placed between Campaign 8 2015 – Campaign 10 2015 inclusive (T/S Campaign 10 – Campaign 12 2015) will be counted.
6. Avon expressly reserves the right to exclude any LOA 1 Representative from the results that is a re-instatement rather than new appointment.
7. Avon expressly reserves the right to make adjustments for any new appointing Sales Leader within your direct team (first generation) that occurs as a result of the removal of a downline Sales Leader (“Roll ups”).
8. To achieve £250 Sales Leaders must have at least 1 new Trainee Sales Leader in their direct team (first generation) during the incentive period, who achieves at least 3 LOA 1 Orders of award sales greater than or equal to MOV each.
9. To achieve £500 Sales Leaders must have at least 2 new Trainee Sales Leaders in their direct team (first generation) during the incentive period, who achieve at least 6 LOA 1 Orders cumulatively of award sales greater than or equal to MOV each. For the avoidance of doubt, each new Trainee Sales Leader must have at least 1 LOA 1 Order of award sales greater than or equal to MOV each to qualify.
10. The maximum amount achievable for this incentive is £500.
11. The Sales Leader account statement produced and held by Avon is final and will be used to measure the results. Late, additional, held orders or Sales Leader appeals will not be counted.
12. Results will be communicated campaignly via the Sales Leader website.
13. Payments will be credited to successful Sales Leaders’ accounts during the Campaign 11 2015 cycle and will therefore show on
their Campaign 11 2015 statements.
14. In order to be eligible to receive the award successful Sales Leaders must still be Independent Avon Sales Leaders and their accounts must not be overdue at the time the payment is made.
15. All payments are awarded at the sole discretion of Avon.
16. Avon reserves the right to disqualify Sales Leaders, withhold or cancel or, in cases where payment has already been made, request full repayment of any rewards received, in the event of non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions or if Avon deems, in its absolute discretion, there to have been any malpractice, or manipulation of results in order to achieve incentive levels, throughout the period of the incentive.
17. Avon expressly reserves the right to substitute the award offered (such award to be of equal or greater value) and/or alter the incentive in any way, including cancelling or withdrawing the incentive altogether.
18. Sales Leaders are required to uphold the Avon Values and Sales Leadership Business Principles at all times, including inrelation to this incentive and any rewards received by successful Sales Leaders by way of this incentive.
19. If any of the incentive requirements cease to be met (for instance, if orders are returned or if there is non - payment by the
new appointing Sales Leader or their LOA 1 Representatives) the Sales Leaders account will be debited for any rewards already paid.
20. Successful Sales Leaders will be required to participate in any subsequent publicity as deemed appropriate by Avon.
21. All entrants acknowledge that, in the course of participating in this incentive, certain information about them will be captured, electronically or otherwise, and will be transmitted to Avon and third parties associated with the incentive. Accordingly, the entrants expressly agree to the transfer of such personal information to Avon and Avon’s third party agents associated with this incentive and that Avon (data controller) and any third party associated with the incentive may use, store, process and transfer that information for the purpose of the incentive. All entrants further agree that Avon may send their personal information outside of the European Economic Area including to the United States of America, for processing for the purpose of the incentive.
22. All entry instructions form part of these Terms and Conditions. By taking part in this incentive, entrants are deemed to have accepted and be bound by these Terms and Conditions and by other requirements set out in the promotional material.
23. All matters shall be determined at Avon’s sole discretion and Avon’s decision will be final. No correspondence will be entered into. Promoter: Avon Cosmetics Limited, Nunn Mills Road, Northampton, NN1 5PA. (“Avon”) 1Award Sales = The total value of your campaign order, including brochures and demonstration products minus the value of any products returned.


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