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Rising Stars Incentive for New Avon Representatives

Written by Gail Reynolds on August 23, 2012

Now couldn't be a better time for you to join Avon

Avon's Rising Stars Incentive is for anyone that joins Avon over the next 10 weeks

The dates for you to take up this amazing £150.00 reward for joining Avon is between August 23rd until Friday 19th October 2012


The best part about this reward is that is easy to achieve and understand, so let's go through what you need to know

What do I have to do to achieve the rising stars incentive?

  1. You have to become a new representative in Campaigns 14, 15 or 16
  2. You have to place orders of over £148.00 (HOV) for your 1st and 2nd campaigns to achieve £100.00 worth of Avon products
  3. You have to place a 3rd order of the value of £148.00 and and 4th order of the (MOV) £78.00 to be rewarded your £50.00 credit

Here is an example of someone joining Avon into campaign 14


It really is that easy!

Avon demonstration pack

What will my £100.00 worth of Avon products reward be after I place my 2nd order with Avon?

  • Far Away perfume
  • Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick
  • Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro
  • Nailwear Pro+
  • Glimmerstick Eyeliner
  • Super Extend Extreme Mascara
  • Naturals Lavender and Chamomile Room and Linen Spray
  • Magix Illuminating Face Protector
  • Skin so soft Silky Moisture Ultra Moisturizing Body Lotion
  • Advanced Techniques 360 nourishment Moroccan Organ Oil Mask
  • Senses Amazon for Men Shower Gel
  • Perfect Strength EDT Mens Fragrance

But that isn't all, Avon will supply you with Hints and Tips on how to make the most of your Demonstration products and samples, plus if you are a Sales Leader that recruits new Avon representatives into the new rising stars rewards Programme you will be in with a chance to earn a massive £100.00 Bonus too.

Hints and tips on how to use Avon Demonstration products

Rising Stars Incentives and rewards for an Avon Sales Leader

  • Prospecting and recruiting is made easier
  • Potential Higher sales
  • Higher retention
  • Increased earnings
  • £100.00 bonus

There are even A5 flyers to help you prospect and find people that may be interested in Joining Avon with the Rising Stars Rewards and incentives programme

Go too my FREE RESOURCES and click on the tab  "Avon notes Post cards and posters" scroll down the Rising stars prospecting flyers

Find out more about the terms and conditions of the rising stars incentive for new representatives and sales leaders


What else can you earn with Avon?

Commissions/earnings/discounts from your Avon orders are

  1. Free deliver for orders over £10.00
  2. 20% for orders over the value of £78.00
  3. 25% for orders over the value f £148.00

Avon's Smart Start Bonus

This is yet another amazing "Give Away" from Avon that rewards all Avon representatives that place their orders On-line on time for their 1st 6 campaigns

Joining Avon has never been so good....




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