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New To Leadership


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So, you are here because you want to know more about taking your Avon business to the next level.  Fantastic news you’re in the right place to gain knowledge and understanding of what to do next.  You will need to watch my video for some basic navigation on your regular Avon site.  Then, once you have decided you are going to ‘Become a Sales Leader’ then you will need to do the following steps.

  • You must first go to your Avon website click opportunities and Apply to become a Sales Leader/Coordinator.
  • Talk to your immediate Upline Sales Leader (the person that recruited you) and let them know you are keen to meet up & or have a one on one via video call.
  • Understand that there is a small fee to joining Avon Sales Leadership and that it is easily deducted from your regular earnings as an Avon Representative.  So there simply is NO CASH OUTLAY!
  • Your regular Avon website will be updated within 24 hours and you will notice a slight change.  Visit Step 1  to download your Sales Leader contract or visit your Avon website and download your Sales Leadership agreement from there.  Fill out the contracts and the Direct Debit forms and send to either of the following:

Sales Leadership Support Team, Avon Cosmetics Ltd, Earlstrees Road, Earlstrees Industrial Estate, Corby NN17 4AZ.  Or complete, scan and attach in an e-mail to sales.leader@avon.com
We also have our very own Team GBR Sales Leadership Promotional Leaflet that talks about Real journeys, with Real people earning Real money.  Take a look and see if Leadership could change your life too!

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The Avon Sales Leadership Pay plan is an Amazing Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) structure that will give you the ability to earn on both yourself and your team’s efforts, aswel as your team’s team’s efforts too.  Avons Pay plan pays you on 3 generations of Avon Representatives and will be accompanied by HUGE bonuses throughout your very 1st year as an Avon Sales Leader. 
The Fast Start Bonuses Avon Leadership have to offer you are up to £16’000.00 in your 1st year and you can go as slow, or indeed, as fast as you want.  Which means you can earn as much or as little as you like from these Avon Bonuses too.  The bonuses are tailored to your commitment and therefore you are rewarded in bonuses in accordance to your time, effort and determination in building your team.
Watch the video linked to Step 2 to find out how you can make the most of your FREE Avon Personal Recruitment Page (PRP).   Your PRP is not only FREE but it’s yours to change and personalise as you wish. It comes with an ‘Apply here’ tab that will take ALL your applications/leads to your very own Avon leadership website. 
Also, in your exclusive membership to GailsReps you will find a 1st year Income planner and a 1st year investment planner which you can download and go through with your upline Sales Leader.  But remember you have to be a part of our Network to gain access to these files, which means you have to have been recruited by with Brian or myself or one of our Sales Leaders within Team GBR.

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Now is the time you can gain access to ALL of GailsReps/Team GBR Training materials and files.  This is exclusive to our network only and your access to the files and groups will need verification from your upline Sales Leader and us. 
Register here at GailsReps http://bit.ly/GailsRepsRegisterhere
Then request an upgrade to gain access to Team GBR Training materials by emailing me at gail@gailreynolds.co.uk with your name and the name of your upline Sales Leader.
Now you can login and gain access to ALL our Free Resources and exclusive Team GBR Training materials here at http://www.gailsreps.co.uk/webfm.  Where you will have Steps 1 to 9 downloads at your fingertips.
In our FB Group we have over 150 Leaders from Team GBR who will be sharing their knowledge and experience with you.  You have exclusive access to this group too.  Simply email me direct for access to the group with your name and your up liner Sales Leaders name, or simply ask them to add you to the Group.  You will not find us on a basic search.  It is invitation only.
Don't forget as a team member you will have access to our GailsReps FB Group too!
Once you have joined all the groups and gained access to our training files you will find everything you need to know about Leadership. Within GailsReps training files we provide telephone scripts to video appointing along with how to advertise for new team members.  We have Order Management emails and Letter templates for you to send to your team members too.  There are hundreds of helpful downloads and files for you to go through at your leisure, and you can begin to build your team today!   But remember you have to be a part of our Network to gain access to these files, which means you have to have been recruited by with Brian or myself or one of our Sales Leaders within Team GBR.

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Generating Leads and finding people that would like to Join Avon and earn money like you is the ONLY way to become a successful Avon Leader. Building a team is what Leadership is all about so we will be sharing with you everything we do and have done since 2002 to generate interest and people to join your team.  We have an array of resources and materials in our exclusive Step 4 Advertising files that will enable you to find people to join your team.  We share with you 14 pages of ‘What to say in an advert’ aswel as the ‘7 simple steps to planning your adverts’.
My personal favourite for generating leads and finding team members is prospecting.  This is where you simply go out and ‘Talk to people’.  I personally door knocked and built a team of over 60 Representatives in my first 5 months in and around my local town.  This enabled me to quit my part time job and build my team quicker. Here at GailsReps we will encourage and teach you how to prospect aswel as showing you how to generate leads for FREE using social media platforms and FREE advertising websites.  We will share with you some of our TOP SECRETS for lead generation, which has enabled other Leaders like you to find and sign up a staggering 30 new Representatives a week! 
There are plenty of ways to find people to join your team, from Party plan to local table top sales and car boots! And we have everything you’re going to need to generate team members of your own.  But remember you have to be a part of our Network to gain access to these files, which means you have to have been recruited by with Brian or myself or one of our Sales Leaders within Team GBR.

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Although thinking of a telephone script may be a little old school, they really DO work! And I for one love the fact that we can offer these to you for FREE within our exclusive Step 5 preparation downloads section.  We will also provide a simple step by step guide on appointing people into your team via video calls or face to face in their homes.  We also provided you with something called ‘Lead Template sheets’ these are to help you keep your team organised and on track with their training and guidance. We have used these for many years and they have shown to be a great asset to many Sales Leaders businesses and their ability to retain their teams. 
You will find all you need in the Team GBR Leadership files.  Simply login to your account via gailsreps and download/printout the following;
Lead Template sheets
Telephone scripts
Preparing for a smooth video call
They are all available to all Team GBR members to utilise and make your Avon Leadership business run smoothly and easily.
But remember you have to be a part of our Network to gain access to these files, which means you have to have been recruited by Brian or myself or one of our Sales Leaders within Team GBR.

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Appointing new team members is easy.  It’s all about duplication.  Teach your new Representatives everything you know and you will be building a great team of Representatives in no time. 
Being a part of the Gailsreps network means you now have exclusive access to our training and how we conduct our appointments.  You will already have everything you need to conduct either a home visit or a video call but there is just 1 thing you need to remember; Keep it simple!
Follow our step by step guides found in our exclusive downloads section for Team GBR members only and you will find you can conduct either of these appointments easily and with no worries. Our exclusive ‘Lead Template sheet’ is available for you to download for each new team member you appoint.  Find it in the Step 5 download section at http://www.gailsreps.co.uk/webfm and print them out ready for each new lead you find and appoint.
In your Step 6 downloads you will find our exclusive Video on ‘How to conduct a video call’ smoothly and keep it simple.
Use your own experiences within your own Avon Representative business and share your own successes with your new team members.  Keep the appointment short and easy, don’t overload your new Representatives with too much information.  Baby steps and consistent contact is all they will need once they are appointed into your team!
Remember Success is in the Follow up!

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Congratulations.  You have appointed your new team members and now you need to put together their appointing kit.  We have made it so easy for you to follow, that all you need to do next is to go to your downloads in Step 7 at http://www.gailsreps.co.uk/webfm
Remember you have to be a part of our Network to gain access to these files.
Make use of our links and instructions on where to find the cheapest boxes to pack your new Representatives Avon kit up in and the cheapest and fastest  postal options in our exclusive document Appointing kit contents and parcel rates.
Download our exclusive ‘Avon Kit Letter in the box’ and simply fill out the blanks and send with your Representatives brochures, order forms and samples etc.  We also supply you with our exclusive Gails Golden Rules to finding Avon Customers document too, which a great asset to your new Representative as it gives them several ideas on who, where and how to find Avon customers.
We aim to make your life as an Avon Sales Leader easy.  Using our systems and files will ensure both you and your team members have the best advantage at growing a successful business and earning the maximum income available to all of you.

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Within 24 hours of any appointment you will be able to give territory very easily.  We always suggest you wait because on occasion Avon refuse a Representative and therefore they’re not able to continue/open an account with us.  Waiting 24 hours means you won’t be spending money on brochures and postage if the Representative isn’t allowed an account with you.
We have fantastic videos, emails and text templates for you to use over in our Team GBR resources Step 8 Files and you are welcome to go on over and download them and use them immediately with your new team members. 
Teaching you how to allocate an area/territory is simple, just follow the video by Brian Debt addresses and allocating territory over in Step 8 downloads sectionThen simply plug your new Representatives into our exclusive GailsReps FB group where they will have over 1400 established and new Representatives sharing their journey, their ideas and their successes.
Remember you have to be a part of GailsReps Network to gain access to any of our files and training.  That means you have to have been recruited by myself or Brian or one of our Sales Leaders within Team GBR.

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Success is in the follow up!
Now you have your new team members you need to look after them, nurture them and encourage them with your knowledge and experience as a Representative.  At this point in your Sales Leadership journey you are looking at retaining your team. 
Retention is incredibly important. Your future success relies upon it.  The more you offer in the way of support and guidance, the more you will get from your team.  That is why we have the fabulous and exclusive Steps 1 to 9 New to Avon page.  Make sure that you give them the link on appointment so that when they need to know ‘How to find customers’ they are going straight to the page for their step by step guide and videos.  This allows you more time for you to follow up for other things.
Making a call, sending a text or an email or making a visit is all part of your success. We have email templates, congratulation letters to send in the post and text messages you can duplicate.  All you need to do is understand your reports and how to use them effectively and efficiently.  In your exclusive downloads section, you will find everything you need to know in several simple document.  Watching the video and making use of our step by step guide on using your reports will enable you to get organised and ready to serve your team!
CONGRATULATIONS! You are now a successful Avon Sales Leader.  Now it's time to grow and duplicate your efforts with your future downline Sales Leaders.  Simply send your Representatives to this page and let them know what a great opportunity Avon Sales Leadership is.