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Avon Presidents Club (P C Membership)

Written by Gail Reynolds on March 17, 2011

Gail Reynolds Avon Movers & Shakers

Gail Reynolds Avon Movers & Shakers


Dear Team G B R

Welcome to our newest online Newsletters for you to read at your leisure.

Brian and I have the largest volume of Presidents Club Members in the Western Region & that is something we are very proud of as a team.

2011 we want to help you earn more money with your Avon by encouraging to the max!

In all our Newsletters there will fabulous links and great resources for you to have at the touch of a button and all for FREE.

So, whatever your Avon status at the moment we intend to help you Earn More Money and make PC Club for campaign 18 2011.

The benefits of becoming a Presidents Club member are amazing.  Not only will in increase your earnings but you will also receive tonnes of goodies care of Avon and Brian and I.

Some of the most obvious ones are:

  • Brian & I also send a Christmas/New Years Gift to our Exclusive P C Members at the end of each year as a special thank you for your hard work and dedication.
  • Avon's benefits of becoming a P C Member include :


Avon Presidents Club Leaflet

The crème de la crème

Become a member of Avon's elite group of top Representatives, called the President's Club, and we'll make sure you reap the rewards of all your hard work. It's our way of recognising you and thanking you for your personal contribution to Avon's success.

You'll reach President's Club status by achieving certain qualification requirements. It means you'll be among the top 10% of Representatives in the UK. You'll be entitled to exclusive benefits, discounts on brochures and beauty products, celebrate your success at annual gala dinners and enjoy recognition lunches. You will also have access to your exclusive President's Club website. Plus, if you are one of the top 50 performing Representatives, you could be whisked away for a luxury, all expenses paid holiday to glamorous locations like Nice, Lake Maggiore and Dubrovnik!?


PC logo and statement

PC logo and statement

Avon is #1 Direct Selling Company in the world and THE company for women and for good reason - it sells itself! As an Avon Representative, you know how good your product is and how well-loved the brand names are. Now, plan your strategy to join the ranks of the President's Recognition Award Winners at the first level of President's Club. With a few basic tools, you will join the top sellers in your region, too!

Things you'll need:

  • Avon Brochures
  • Contact list
  • Telephone
  • Computer (optional)


You ARE Avon!

Your first step is to look in the mirror. YOU are Avon and how the world sees you is how they will see your company and your products. Make sure each morning that you use an Avon skin care regime and that you wear at least one piece of Avon clothing, jewelry or accessories when you go out. They are great Avon conversation starters, order starters and lovely, too!


Your brochure is your store

Stock and distribute at least a case of brochures each campaign. Start with a full case and make sure you make the rounds each campaign to your customer list and cultivate "drop spots" at locations in your area. These can include, but are by no means limited to: schools, daycare centers, dry cleaners, doctors/dentist offices, libraries, community centers, etc. If you can, connect personally with an employee and strike up a relationship while asking if you can leave at least 6 books in a central location. For counter locations, I provide inexpensive baskets to hold the brochures that add a professional touch as well. Continue to increase your brochure order each campaign as you develop a network of brochure drops. Keep a box of brochures in your car - you never know!

Follow up with your customers every campaign. Your best customers will begin to call you before the deadline, but others will be so grateful for your call because you saved them from a missed order.

Avon sells itself!

Give samples to prospective customers, especially those ready to talk about a skin care regime. Always put samples of new products in orders along with new brochures and specials fliers. Know your customers and make sure to point out sales and specials that you know they would like.

Cultivate a group of helpers and recruit prospects. For those customers that work in office or school settings, throw in a few extra books and tell your customer these for any of her friends that might be interested. Let them know that you will give them something extra for helping - they'll love it!


Most importantly, plan to succeed. With $10,100 award sales needed each sales year, you will need approximately $389 per campaign, so plan your campaigns with that amount in mind and keep track of your progress. Use specials and incentives with each campaign and know where you stand each month toward your goals. Keep in touch with your up line and down line- they will be your biggest support and know exactly how you feel. Avon success is really about building relationships, both with your customers and with your co-workers, whether they manage you or you manage them. Take time to know and care for all of your Avon relationships, and they will take care of you! Find someone who has reached President's Club or higher and watch them - it IS possible!


After the yearly Campaign 7 sales data is in and you see that you have met President's Club goal, stop and take a breath and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from knowing you have worked your best for one of the best companies in the world - and it has paid off. Make sure you get a beautiful outfit for the Awards Banquet (an Avon dress and jewelry would be a good selection!) and pat yourself on the back - you deserve it!


2 responses to “Avon Presidents Club (P C Membership)”

  1. Kasia says:

    I looking a Avon PC Members from Fife (Scotland). Can you help me, please.

    Best Regards

  2. Gail says:

    Hi there Kasia, How can I help you?…Do you want to be served as an Avon customer?
    If so you can email me and let me know your address, I have many reps in the FIFE area that can serve you xxx

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