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Chip and Pin with Avon and Elavon

Written by Gail Reynolds on September 25, 2014

Serving your Avon customers just got easier!

Avon and Elavon Chip and Pin

Getting your hands on this fantastic new offer is so easy you'll wish you did it earlier!

Elavon chip and pin machine

Elavon chip and pin machine

Login to your Avon Account and scroll down to Latest News, now simply click

New ways for your customers to pay

Only if you are already an Avon Representative/Leader will you be able to get your hands on this Chip and Pin machine and amazing offer.  So if you fit that job description and you want to look that little more professional and efficient then look no further!  If you're looking for a way to grow your business, feel more professional and give your Avon customers a more flexible shopping experience, then signing up to Elavon's Mobile Merchant is the solution. Which means your Avon customers could pay by card using a Chip and PIN card reader.  But wait there's more....

You can purchase these amazing Chip and Pin machines for just £50 (+VAT)* by visiting www.avon.uk.com/paytools.  But don't forget you have to be an Avon Representative to get hold of this once in a life time deal, so pop on over to our Fast Application if you want to Join Avon today! Then you can join in on this fantastic new way to serve your Avon customers and gain payments quicker and easier either on the door step or over the phone.  Things just got exciting for the Avon Representative and their Avon customers.

*£50 +VAT is a special offer price for the first 200 Avon Representatives to enter and agreement with Elavon Merchant Services. RRO is £99 +VAT.

Chip and Pin with Avon and Elavon

Chip and Pin with Avon and Elavon

How does it work?

We're sure you've heard about the many different ways to make and take payments, now available in the market place. These include options like Paym*, a simple and secure way of taking payments via a mobile number, or maybe you've heard of SumUp*, a way to take payment using a smartphone or tablet.
But what about the Merchant Service solution offered by Elavon? Elavon offer a safe and secure way of taking card payments using a Chip and PIN device, similar to those used in shops meaning you and your Avon customers can feel safe and secure.  To learn more about the Elavon opportunity simply click on the link available here.
To help you understand the benefits of each option and what this means to you, we've developed the summary table below.
Elavon Payment Tariff and Breakdown

Elavon Payment Tariff and Breakdown

Being able to take card payments can be a great way to reach new Avon customers and offer more flexibility to your existing Avon customers, so why not take a look at what is available?

*Avon has negotiated a special deal with Elavon for Avon Representatives, however none of the above providers are working in partnership with or connected to Avon.

Why use Chip and Pin

Why not!?

If you have noticed everything in the digital world is moving so fast.  Being part of this fast moving and easy payment movement is the only way to go to grow your business and become part of the fast moving door to door selling army.  Avon isn't going to wait.  Avon have to move with the times and so do their Avon Representatives.

The Chip and Pin machine will bring easier and faster payments to the Avon Representative aswel as the convenience to the door steps of thousands of Avon customers.  Let's face it, we hardly ever carry cash around with us any more and the cheque book is almost obsolete!  So Chip and PIN is here to stay.  Why not embrace it and begin using it to grow your Avon business today.

Gaining more Avon sales using Chip and Pin

This for me is a no brainer!

There are hundreds of new opportunities that a Chip and Pin machine will bring to you and your Avon Representative business.  Here are few that are obvious and easy to implement with immediate effect:

  1. Fast and easy Payment on the door step
  2. Selling from your Online Brochure made easier (POB)
  3. Taking payment over the phone
  4. Selling on Ebay/Amazon and other internet stores
  5. Avon Party Plan just got easier!
  6. More sales for those customers that don't keep cash
  7. Selling at car boots/market stalls

So what are you waiting for, this fantastic offer of just £50 + VAT won't last forever so go on over to your Avon account now and purchase your Chip and Pin machine with Elavon today.

If I can answer any of your questions regarding this blog simply leave me a message on any of the platforms below, can't wait to hear from you.



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