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How to Increase your Avon Customer spend with Avon Cosmetics

Written by Gail Reynolds on February 8, 2010

Use Avon samples
It is a known fact that people who try are more likely to buy Avon products, so buying and distributing Avon samples is well worth the investment. You can order as many Avon samples as you like every campaign - watch out for special offers in Avon’s Hello Tomorrow Magazine. Look for offers coming in the Avon brochure and then order the relevant Avon sample. You can then decide how to distribute them to your Avon customers…

  • Attach the avon sample to the relevant page in the Avon brochure
  • Give an Avon sample to every customer with their current Avon order
  • Hand out Avon samples as you collect your Avon brochures

Show demonstration products
Ever opened your Avon order, seen an Avon product for the first time and thought to yourself ‘that looks bigger/better than I thought?’ – well your customers might think the same thing. Choose an Avon product every campaign to show your Avon customers – it really makes a difference. Avon Fragrance is especially good as a demonstration product. Once your Avon customers have sampled it, the rest of the bottle is all for you. Always wear Avon products when you visit your customers. Your personal recommendations will help to sell more Avon products.

Money Makers
Using Avon’s Money Maker opportunities advertised in Hello Tomorrow Magazine gives you an excellent Avon earning opportunity. It allows you to buy selected products before they appear in the Avon brochure, at a very advantageous price. And because of the savings you make, you can choose to pass this on to your Avon customers.
Remember buy now but pay later – so there is plenty of time to promote the product. Any unsold items can be returned, for FREE to your delivery driver.

Know your brochure and the current Special offers
Take time every campaign to get to know your brochure.  By always knowing what is on special offer and what will be coming in future brochures you can give your customers an extra special service.  If when you call, they do not have an order ready, tell them about any special offers – ‘By the way… did you notice that xxx is on offer with buy one get one free?’

If your customer hasn’t taken advantage of the special offers, say ‘By the way, I see you have ordered XXX. Did you realise you could now order XXX for just £X?’

Know your customers and what they like.

If you know what products your customers use you can point out any special offers. ‘By the way, did you notice XXX is on offer, with product YYY free!’ If they don’t already use product YYY, it might go on to become a favourite that they buy regularly.



  • Use the message box on the customer order slip
  • Write a newsletter / flyer and insert into the brochure
  • Flag a page


Promote related product

For example, If they are buying an Avon lipstick – offer them a colour matched nail enamel When they purchase an Avon shampoo, offer them the conditioner.
Skincare products are made to complement each other, always recommend the full beauty routine.

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