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Recycle your old Avon brochures to find new Representatives and Customers

Written by Gail Reynolds on July 20, 2012

How to recycle unwanted Avon brochures and still make money!

Recycle your Old Avon brochures and earn MORE money

I know I know, it sounds too good to be true! Well it is good and it is true and you can make more money with your Avon business by helping the environment and recycling your old Avon brochures.

Everyone hates to see waste, and this is a great way of doing your bit to help the environment.  Instead of taking your brochures down to the recycling bins and using all your time and effort adding to the land fills why not use the same time and effort and earn money too?


So now there are no excuses for throwing away your old Avon brochures

Follow these 5 Top Tips to make more money by recycling your Avon Brochures

  • Print out or buy the "This brochure has expired" postcards
  • Print out some stickers with your VBrochure link on (you can find your personal link here)
  • Label up your post cards
  • Staple your post cards to your old recyclable brochure
  • Get your walking shoes on and go recycle your old Avon brochures


3 responses to “Recycle your old Avon brochures to find new Representatives and Customers”

  1. Maisha Eggink says:

    It’s hard to find educated people about this subject, however, you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

  2. gemma marshall says:

    Hi. Please explain to me how handing out expired avon brochures to people will earn extra money as the price of the products as no longer valid and who would want an expired brochure?? Thank you

  3. Gail says:

    Handing out expired books just gives the customers an idea of what they can buy. If you read the post card that you staple to it, it clearly reads that they cannot order out of this brochure.
    It just recycles your books and gives an opportunity to those that don’t normally buy to see our fab products! x

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