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Avon recruitment day in Trowbridge

Written by Gail Reynolds on October 8, 2012

Avon were raising awareness for the Avon breast cancer crusade in the Shires Shopping center in October.  We were also sharing the Avon earnings opportunity with dozens of people on the day too.

Avon Breast cancer awreness day

What a lovely day we had sharing the amazing Avon opportunities with the people of Trowbridge.  The Shires shopping center was full of people wanting to know more about joining Avon and raising awareness for the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade.

On the day the Avon ladies did really well raising awareness and handing out free leaflets and advice. They also managed to sell out of their Avon breast cancer pins on the day too!

Avon recruitment day

Beomce part of Team GBR

Team GBR has grown by 13 new Avon representatives and we would like to welcome them into the team 🙂

To see more of the images of our day out recruiting Avon represenatives in The Shires Trowbridge shopping center then view them here

If you live in and around the Trowbridge are and would like to know more about joining Avon then come see what we can offer you as a part of Team GBR



2 responses to “Avon recruitment day in Trowbridge”

  1. Evette Rushanan says:

    Does anyone else struggle with recruiting brokers and sales staff? We are constantly struggling to keep up with replacing dead wood and people who have moved to other companies. Any tips?!

  2. Gail says:

    Here at Avon we dont recruit brokers?.
    Our target audience is mum’s at home or people that need extra income or are interested in the MLM side of growing a business.
    Have you ever thought of recruiting with Avon and becoming a leader for yourself?

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