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How to measure my bra size

Written by Gail Reynolds on December 9, 2010

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Avon cosmetics Bra fitting Guide

Did you know that recent research suggests that more than 2/3 of us girls are wearing the wrong bra size?  It’s vital that you find your correct size to ensure that your bra remains comfortable for the duration of the day and doesn't make you feel like your being constricted.

The best way to ensure that your bra fits right and stays comfortable throughout the day is simply to get the right size! Logical yes, so let’s get to it and spend just a few minutes measuring up and you’ll be so glad you did!  Just follow the guide below:

Measuring Your Bra Size

1. Your Bra Size (underbust)
Firstly you will need to measure around your body under your bust. From here it can be a bit tricky but don’t despair, its quite easy. Basically if the measurement is an even number, then add 4 inches (or 10cm), or in the case of an odd number, then add 5 inches (12.5cm).An example is: If you measure and find that you are 30inches (75cm) then you add 4 inches (10cm), so your correct bust size is 34inches (85cm). If you measure and find that you are 31inches (77.5cm) then you add 5 inches so this means you are 36 inches (90cm).

2. Your Cup Size (overbust)
This time, just measure around the fullest part of your bust. You simply subtract the measurement that you just took from your bra size worked out above.

Common problems & tips for finding the correct bra size


the underwire in your bra is poking or pinching you in the chest, this indicates that you need to go up a cupsize or select a softer bra without wire.
the straps slip off your shoulders, then you should opt for a bra with wider straps.
you notice the bust is sagging down then you should shorten the straps or choose a more supportive style of bra with less stretchy fabric.
you find the bra riding up at the back, then you can adjust the hook & eye, loosen the straps or try a smaller band size like a 32 instead of 34.
the band is too tight, then you can either get one with a wider band or opt for a larger size 36 instead of a 34 for example.
you notice bulging either from the sides or the cups overflow, then you need to go up a band size or a cup size respectively.
you find that your shoulders are sore then you should go for a bra with padded or wider straps.


4 responses to “How to measure my bra size”

  1. Charm says:

    Where’s the chart indicated in step 2??

  2. Gail says:

    Hi There, I will go find it on my PC and pop it on the bottom of the blog for you x

  3. Maggie says:

    I subtracted and got my difference, but the chart shows nothing related to this equation. confused.
    if I go by just my measurements, the chart says I’m a 40B, I wear a 36 band. strange.
    please explain how the chart and instruction work together.

  4. Gail says:

    Hi Maggie, can you tell me how far you have got?
    Maybe if you share the measurements on here we can work it out together?
    Gail x

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