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How to place your Avon order

Written by Gail Reynolds on April 19, 2010

Ordering on line as an Avon representative should take a short amount of your time and is an easy step to placing your Avon order securely. There are 2 simple ways to place your order to Avon, one being Fast Track ordering which is done via the telephone, or online ordering which is done on the internet. Here I am going to show you how to place your Avon order online.

How to place your Avon order

So, you're ready to place your very first order with Avon and you are a little bit confused as to what is where. Please see above a simple video I have created to allow you to place your Avon order smoothly and without stress.

Here is a step by step guide to refer back to:

  1. Login to your Avon account.
  2. Select the tab that says "Place an Order".
  3. Select the current campaign (the campaign your orders are from), and Regular order.
  4. Hit "enter"
  5. Put in the product codes of your first order and the quantity.
  6. Select "view description" and make sure they are the correct products.
  7. Press "Save order".
  8. Now repeat the prosess for all of your Avon orders, pressing "Save order" each time.
  9. Remember to make sure your Avon order is over £155 to earn yourself a 25% commission.
  10. Press submit.

Don't forget:

you will need to order your Avon Brochures, bags and Free items such as order forms and Calling Books etc.. Here is all the information you need to know:

Brochure Bags, product code 76935, keeps the brochures dry, 80p for 50.

Delivery Bags, product code 92486,  99p for 50 large paper delivery bags.

Ring Sizers, product code 82917, x2 free.

Order forms, product code 87197, x2 packs free (total of 100 forms).

Avon Calling cards, product code 82933, 60p for 100.

How to place your Avon order: complete!

How to place your Avon order: complete!

Your Avon order has arrived - now what?

Now you have got your Avon order, it's time to tick and bag it. Please refer to this blog for your next step, and again, congratulations for placing your very first Avon order!

Returns - If ever you need to return a product, Avon call this CREDITS.  Log in, hover the mouse over MY ORDERS and click CREDITS.  It is Free and simple, just like a reverse order, follow this link.  Do it just before you place your new order.  There is a knack to how to pack your returns ready for the driver, its shown here.

Missing a product? - Its a similar process to returns but its called REPLACEMENTS. Login, hover the mouse over MY ORDERS and click REPLACEMENTS.  Choose the product and have it replaced with the same product.  Use reason code 54. item missing from box but on invoice as charged. 

4 responses to “How to place your Avon order”

  1. Charity says:

    want to know where my order

  2. Gail says:

    Hi Charity
    You need to refer back to the person that recruited you hunny.
    If you don;’t have contact details email avon direct at
    or call them on
    0333 2345000

  3. i wanna place an order online

  4. Gail says:

    go to my online brochure, spend £20 or more and a get FREE make up worth £22.00 xx

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