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How to prepare and deliver your Avon

Written by Gail Reynolds on April 19, 2010

How to prepare and deliver your customer orders

  • Avon deliveries are going to come to you every 3 weeks once you have placed your 1st regular order.
  • The Avon deliveries are simple and easy to prepare once you have sorted through the boxes and got your Invoice and your customers order forms to hand.
  • This easy how to guide is filled with Top tips and ideas on making the delivery process a simple one.
  • As you unpack each item, find it on the invoice and tick off. You may find it easier to group products together, e.g. Senses, Naturals, Avon Colour etc.
  • Follow the guide and get your avon deliveries prepared for your Avon customers.

2 responses to “How to prepare and deliver your Avon”

  1. Mmabatho says:

    Need to know when my order is coming?

  2. Gail says:

    I wouldn’t know I am afraid. Are you a Rep or a customer? Who did you order with if you are a customer?

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