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How to start Avon

Written by Gail Reynolds on March 20, 2012

Start Avon & receive FREE Exclusive materials with gailsreps

Joining Avon is a simple fast and effective way to start earning money immediately

With gailsreps you will receive Exclusive materials and training

What will I receive when I Start Avon with gailsreps?

  • The MakeUpMoney Booklet is usually £3.00 but you will receive it FREE when you join Avon
  • The Golden Rules to finding Avon Customers is Exclusive to gailsreps team ONLY, and you cannot get this anywhere else.
  • Earn extra cash, get ahead of the game and join Gailsreps today for your fast track way to becoming a successful Avon representative

Starting your Avon business is really easy.  We will come to you and give you your 1st and 2nd lot of Avon brochures.  In your free start up kit you will have an Avon Calling Book to keep a record of who you are serving who wants a regular Avon Brochure and who doesn't.

You will also receive the Avon Hello Tomorrow magazine that is exclusive to Avon representatives too.  It has heavily discounted products for you to use for Demo purposes and maybe the odd Avon party for you and your customers.

Don't forget the 100% Money back Guarantee that Avon offers for the first 90 days of purchase too!

Join Avon with gailsreps and receive your exclusive materials too.

  • Call us Free today on 08006 3456 12
  • Text us on 07581 040 130
  • Email us at gail@gailsreps.co.uk


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