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How to use your Avon First Look magazine

Written by Gail Reynolds on May 5, 2010

Every campaign you’ll receive a new edition of a magazine called ‘First Look’ in your Avon order. This magazine is exclusively for Avon Representatives, and is full of ideas that will help you build your business even further.

There are 6 key subject areas in Avon First Look magazine:

  • First of all you will get a preview of all Avon’s brand new products two campaigns before they appear in the customer’s brochure. This gives you time to get to know the products, prepare for any questions your customers may have, and order them at a discounted price.
  • Secondly, Avon offers you to purchase brand new perfume samples 2 campaigns before it is released to your customers. This allows your customers to smell the brand new fragrance and possibly buy, as well as the fact you are basically giving them a free gift! You can also pre buy the samples ready for you to "flag a page" with the product on; it could be face cream, lipstick, perfume etc. This allows the customer to try before they buy.
  •  "Try it! Love it! Share it!" - This is what Avon First Look magazine has to offer you to boost your sales. Here's an example:
Try It Love It Share It example Avon first look magazine c1 2015

Try It Love It Share It example Avon first look magazine c1 2015

Try It!

Indulge, this is the ultimate treat. Diamonds bring understated elegance to every outfit. You’ll be proud to show off these beautiful earrings when you’re out and about.

Love it!

Customers will love to treat themselves and the special people in their lives – they are a precious gift for family and close friends, and at just £30 in the brochure they’re fab value.

Share it!

Classically styled and created to bring joy with every wear, these diamond earrings are truly special. You and your customers will be delighted to own a pair.

  • Buy a massively discounted item or two ready to give away to your customers - You could give them an incentive like: "Spend £20 or more and receive a free gift" or "Spend £5 or more to be in for a chance to win!" The free gift you give should be one of the newer items so they may buy again from you the future.
  • In the middle of the Avon First Look magazine, there is always important information that will keep you up to date in your business. It includes sample offers and tools of the trade, along with the product codes to order them with. We recommend that you order these on your first order, and then top up as you go:

    Brochure Bags, 76935, this will keep your books dry when your customers leave them outside their front door - 80p for 50.

    Delivery Bags (large paper), 92486 - 99p for 50

    Ring Sizers, 82917 - x2 FREE

    Order forms, 87197 - x2 FREE

    Avon Calling cards, 82933 - 60p for 100

  • The back of the magazine is the Clearance section. This is where Avon First Look Magazine offers you previous products for a fraction of the price, sometimes as much as 90% off RRP. This section is really for you, the Avon rep, to go all out and buy your daily needs like Avon's Award winning shampoos and soaps.


    Avon First Look magazine c2 2015

    Avon First Look magazine c2 2015

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