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Sell Avon online with POB your Personal Online Brochure

Written by Gail Reynolds on January 18, 2013

Have you heard about the fantastic new Selling tool from Avon that is available for all Avon Representatives.

POB the Personal Online Brochure - (as of 2016 this is now redundant)

ALL Avon Representatives that join Avon will be given a Unique URL for their very own Online Avon Brochure.

When you join GailsReps our experienced sales leaders will show you exactly how to use the POB and gain more sales through your social media platforms and via email.

The POB is as well as your Avon brochures and not instead of, which means you have another resource to earn more money with your new Avon business.


POB can be found on your 1st day of becoming an Avon representative by going to your personal Avon home page.  Click the image that looks like this;

Note: Avon Sales leaders need to click the My Own Office tab and click the POB text at the bottom of the drop down box, and this is what will appear;

Below this image you will have all the details you need to follow through with using your POB with Avon.

Avon Personal Online Brochure (POB) video tutorial


3 easy steps to send POB to existing customers

    1. Log into your Representative account
    2. Click on POB's image (or follow above instructions if you are a sales leader)
    3. Scroll down to Send out your Personal Online Brochure – click on 'select customers'
Choose the customers in your electronic Customer Address Book you wish to send the brochure to, or 'select all'.
The subject line of the e-mail is fixed and cannot be changed – "View my Avon Brochure online for the hottest trends and offers".
Add a message to accompany your Online Brochure – this may include order submit dates, delivery dates or any special offers you may want to draw your customers' attention to.
The Message allows up to 1000 characters and this allows you to make your email much more personal.

Send an email to your Avon POB customers

Start of the campaign

Announce the new campaign and drive excitement! Highlight key products, new launches, your brochure favorites or 'not to miss' offers.

Last chance to buy

Ideal to send towards the end of the campaign, particularly if there are sale items that won't appear again, or items that are a great price so customers may want to stock up. Remember to give an 'order by' date, allowing enough time to deal with any orders or queries they may have.

Not ordered yet

You can send a gentle reminder that your order date is approaching, offer alternative ways of contacting you such as calling or by text in case they have a query, or asking if they'd like to see a paper brochure again.

Receiving your  POB orders

When you receive an order through your POB you will receive an email. You will be directed to view the order so simply follow the link provided. Once you are logged in go to the bottom of the home page. Here you will see you have a pending POB order, so you need to click the link. You now have an opportunity to accept or reject the order.

Before you do accept it click on the customers details to check they are within a distance you are happy to

deliver to.  If the customer is simply too far away to deliver by hand, you can either reject or offer to send it in the post.  (have payment upfront for postal orders)  Rejecting the order moves it on to a closer representative.

Accepting the order automatically inputs it into your online order, you do not need to type in the product codes.

We recommend you print or hand write the order onto a regular order form so that when you receive the bulk delivery you can bag up the order as normal and staple the order form to the bag.

What could you include in the message

Product highlights:

Group your customers by which products they normally buy. This way you can select those who like a particular product set and highlight the offers that will appeal to them the most.

Representatives highlights:

Buying from a Representative suits busy people – it's free delivery and convenient straight to their front door! Adding a note about this can be a good way to remind the customer of this benefit.

Order by date:

This is important and helps manage your customers' expectations, particularly if you're going to be on holiday and will have limited access to the internet so may find it difficult to 'accept' order requests. Remember to build in enough time to process the orders and deal with any queries.

Selling or buying Avon in 2013 couldn't be easier.

Join Avon with Gailsreps and get full training and exclusive training guides.


4 responses to “Sell Avon online with POB your Personal Online Brochure”

  1. Rosalie g says:

    Many people start selling Avon to get a little extra cash. However, many of those people struggle with selling Avon. The main reason for this is because of lack of customers.To Sell Avon is a good way on online.

  2. Gail says:

    I agree
    The traditional way, can be a little daunting for some new Avon representatives, but, I know that the virtual brochure will never take away the Door to Door and personal contact you have with your Avon customers. The Avon POB is aswel as the physical brochure, not instead of 🙂

  3. Tony says:


    I’m inquiring for my Mum Esther who has be selling Avon products for quite sometime know. Because I know a little about affiliating she ask if I could help her understand how this POB works, which I did a little research on, but got stuck on the part when the customers email their orders to her directly, she would then place the orders as usual, right. So if someone was to place an order through her POB and lives miles away how is she to get the order to that customer then. Thanks, Tony.

  4. Gail says:

    Hi Tony
    Once she accepts the order she can go and view where the customer lives. At this point she has 2 options
    1. Deliver as usual as it is close enough or
    2. Call, email the customer and suggest she pays for the postage or packaging as she is too far away for your mom to deliver. Most customers are happy with this, as I always offer, Free P&p for POB orders over £25 or 10% discount.
    Hope that helps.

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