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Short campaigns for Avon Representatives

Written by Gail Reynolds on December 5, 2011

This is a simple email message I would send out to my Avon Representatives that have not yet experienced a Christmas/New Year with Avon yet.

Avon Short Campaigns

Dear Avon Representative

I would like to take this opportunity to talk to you about your Avon Business over the Christmas and New Year period.

The 1st thing I would like to suggest is that you take a good look at your “Short Campaign Dates” between campaigns 2-4.You will find these on your personal Avon website under the My Orders and then Order and Delivery dates tabs.Here you will see that the order dates are NOT a 3 week period.So I recommend you simply give yourself and your customers some “Time Off” over the festive season.

What I personally do is put my book 2’s and 3’s together and give them to my customers with the campaign 3 dates on the order forms for me to pick them up.If you get any orders from the c2 brochure you can back order them with your regular c3 order.This way you won’t have to worry about knocking on customers doors on New Year’s Eve and your customers still get to see both brochures!

So, give yourself a well deserved break for Christmas and enjoy the benefits of having a great Avon order for the beginning of 20...!

Please remember to keep a close on your Campaigns 4 dates too

Please Note:Placing your own personal order is important as you will still want to receive your Hello Tomorrow Magazine and future brochures so that 20.... goes smoothly for you.  So, ordering your own shampoo and conditioner is plenty for you to have a FAB Christmas break!

Make 20.... a great year for your Avon business

Use your knowledge and experience as an Avon Representative and become an Avon Sales Leader and build a team of your own for 20....

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As your sales leader I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Thank you for all your hard work and I look forward to working with you in future



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