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Social Networking

Written by Gail Reynolds on May 18, 2010

Practice Makes Powerful

Being Part of Avon cosmetics has made me realise just how much social media & social networking has influenced my business growth, especially over the past 2 years. 

I love finding new ways for people to interact and find me as an Avon Expert.

The tips are all about using the social side of the Internet to benefit you and your business growth too.

Its fun & most the time doesn't feel like work at all.  In 2 years I have personally recruited over 60 people from social forums and around 6 of those are now Team Leaders too

A well executed online presence positions you as an expert in your field-one with loyal fans who want to refer to you.  Follow these tips to boost YOUR buzz:

  • Learn how social media works.  Commit to practicing your online networking prowess.
  • Contribute posts regularly, begin conversations & answer questions.  Facebook & LinkedIn make practicing introductions & referrals convenient & efficient.
  • Follow through with people you've met & invite them to join your groups (but don't forget to join theirs as-well).
  • Build your own site with robust content & an interactive blog that offers free tips & start conversations.  If you haven't appeared on the web in more than six months, people assume you're out of business.

One response to “Social Networking”

  1. True words Gail. Social media is so imnportant these days and it helps to develop relationships with others. People like doing business with people they know and like. Having a web presence enables people to get to know you as a person especially if you use all media forms – words, images and videos.

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