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Written by Gail Reynolds on September 14, 2010
Is AVON for MEN? and can we earn well from it?


Brian Reynolds Avon man team
My name is Brian Reynolds Avon man and I say YES ...

...and so do many more men.  5% of AVON representatives are men.  The TOP earning Sales Leader is a man and  a disproportionate 15% of the TOP performers are men!  Plus, as a result of husbands joining after the wives have started, many of the successful Ladies have a male driving force behind them.  That shows the MEN out perform the ladies and this business should not be over looked.
More and more men are joining AVON.  When I first started, at the Live Your Dream Event there were 3 fella's amongst 500 Ladies.  This year  There were a good 150 !
Its all about the money for us men, we are the breadwinners, we need to bring home the bacon, those bills need paying and there’s plenty to be earned in this MLM business.
After 7 years I now live in a 6 bedroom home with 3 bathrooms, huge conservatory, massive office, Big garden and a driveway for 6 cars.  I drive a top of the range Audi A8. Hand on heart, all funded with the AVON income that has broke through the £100k per year barrier, and on to £140k approx.   We have achieved all expenses paid trips to BARCELONA, NEW YORK, PRAGUE & MALLORCA. We went off to MONTE CARLO last June and were awarded a Mercedes CLC 220 CAR in AUGUST.  We have won many other awards, prizes and cash bonuses too.

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