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Avon Party Ideas

Written by Gail Reynolds on March 23, 2012

Avon Party Plan ideas and tips is a great starting point for beginning your Avon business

Avon have been around for over 125 years and the company name and brand is still the number one beauty and cosmetics brand in the world!

Party plan is the obvious choice if you're wanting to make your Avon business start with a great income.

The party plan ideas I have put together for you in this blog are not only simple to duplicate but very cost effective too.

I will start by talking about the term Party Plan.  It generally comes with many misconceptions.  So here at Avon we like to disperse the Myth's before we start!

7  Avon Party  Planning do's and don't s

  1. You don't need loads of stock to create a great display
  2. You don't need guests pouring through the doors at an Avon Party
  3. You don't need to have extravagant party games (In fact you don't need any!)
  4. You don't need to have expensive wines and nibbles.  Tea and cake/biscuits are all you need
  5. You do need to share your enthusiasm
  6. You do need to have plenty of Avon Brochures & Avon order forms
  7. You do need to be able to talk One On One with each guest

So now you know how easy Avon party planning can be why not simply join Avon and give it a go?

It is free to try Avon with no cash outlay.

You will earn between 20 and 25% in commissions from your Avon orders and you will also get the Exclusive Hello Tomorrow magazine to help with your party planning 2 campaigns ahead of the regular Avon brochure!

A successful Party Planning business starts with YOU
  1. Always wear a smile
  2. Always wear and use the products you sell
  3. Always have invites and brochures with you at all times!
  4. Never have a house full of stock
  5. Never allow negativity into your party plan business
  6. Create an atmosphere of fun and knowledge about your product
  7. Create a party that revolves around the customers needs (not yours)

These kind of party plan ideas are very simple but extremely effective.  If you keep them in the forefront of your mind on every event you will begin to build a very lucrative business.

To finish of my blog about Avon Party Ideas I would like to leave you with these 3 thoughts:

  • When was the last time you were invited to an Avon party? ( You could be the 1st of your friends to offer it)
  • What have you got to lose? It is free to try Avon and all products have a 100% money back guarantee with a free returns system
  • Why would you not want to try this amazing Party Plan adventure & start earning money within days of starting your own business from home, with NO BOSS!

Join Avon and...


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