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Avon New York Trip 2014/15

Written by Gail Reynolds on September 25, 2014

New York New York!

Avon's biggest announcement came Live from the stage at Live Leadership this year (2014) The new Top 20 Trip is going to be in New York.

New York top 20 Trip 2014/15

New York top 20 Trip 2014/15

This legendary skyline will be the backdrop for Avon's Celebrate Leadership incentive where you can plunge into jaw dropping theater performances at star-studded Broadwey, take a ride on the famed Central Park Carousel, or sail over to Ellis Island and get up close and personal with the Statue of Liberty!

Your 2014 / 15 Celebrate Leadership trip won't have a single dull moment in the city that never sleeps!

Avon New York trip 2014/15

Avon's Insight Magazine issue 3 2014 New York information.

This incentive awards the Top 20 Ranked Sales Leaders nationally at Advanced Leader level and above, and runs from Campaign 13 2014 to Campaign 12 2015, and for trendsetters it's Campaign 15 2014 to Campaign 14 2015.

Avon New York Trip Criteria

  • Generation 1 - 3 paid sales* total volume (75% weighting)
  • Generation 1 - 3 paid sales percentage growth over previous year (25% weighting)

* Paid sales = net sales less debt

Take a look at the entire Trip Avon's New York top 20 Trip 2014/15

Gail & Brian with the Statue of Liberty, Avon trip

Gail & Brian Reynolds with the Statue of Liberty, Avon trip achievers 2010

The lucky winners will be jetting away in November of 2015 on the trip of a lifetime, even getting to Meet Sheri McCoy (our CEO!) to join her for lunch at New York's Avon HQ.

Avon Top 21 - 30 Leaders Red Letter Days

Guess what, it doesn't stop there! Avon have increased the Top 20 to the Top 30! So, if you don't manage to get into the top 20 Avon New York trip, you will receive £300 worth of Red Letter day experience or lifestyle vouchers.

Top 21 to 30 Red Letter Day Avon incentives

Top 21 to 30 Red Letter Day Avon incentives

With these vouchers you can choose from weekend getaways, hot air balloon trips, sky diving and much much more!  But remember you have to be in it to win it, so grow your Avon Team Sales to grow your chances!

Good Luck everyone!


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