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Finding Avon customers

Written by Gail on March 17, 2017

You must be here because you want to learn how to earn more money from your Avon business.

Finding Avon customers just got sooo easy

After selling Avon since 2002 I have a few ideas I would like to share with you.

The trick is to read through all the ideas and choose what best suits you, your needs and your own personal circumstances.try this

Postcards and posters

Some great and easy places to pop a card or poster

Google your local community and search for : Office blocks, banks, care homes, salons, post offices, surgeries play centres, mother and toddler groups, WI Groups, schools, churches, the list is endless.  Now go visit them and ask if you could leave a brochure.  Visit these places too;

  • Corner shop windows
  • Church hall notice boards
  • Community centre notice boards
  • Post office notice boards
  • College notice boards
  • University notice boards
  • Mother and toddler groups


Social Media social sharing

  • Open your online Avon store
  • Join FB and other social media sites and share your online store through it
  • Join Buy and sell groups on social media sites and share your store in them

More obvious places to find/gain more Avon customers and leave your Avon brochures

  • Use Avon products yourself.  One of the best ways to sell a product is to know everything about it. Your regular discount and demos allow you to save money and try the products yourself first.
  • Ask your customers for product reviews. When you pass out orders, ask your customer to let you know how the products perform. This is a great way for you to learn about products so that you can offer more information to other customers.
  • Share your products. If you work in an office, make sure you have hand lotion to share with your co-workers. I have gotten several orders just by letting others try the lotion sitting on my desk. Another Avon rep keeps extra tubes of hand cream for on-the-spot sales.
  • Use your own network of friends and family. Share your excitement about your new business and people will be excited with you. Most of your friends already are familiar with Avon products and so they will be your easiest customers. Everyone
    is a member of some organization or workplace. You have an extended network too!
  • Wear Avon jewelry. I get so many compliments when I wear a new Avon necklace. Most jewelry comes in sets, like a necklace and bracelet. They are designed to compliment fashion or seasonal colors. I have had a few tell me they were not sure if a necklace would match their outfit, but with the no-hassle return guarantee they were not afraid to return it if it did not. Oh, and I haven't had any jewelry returns, yet! 
  • Share your business cards. 
  • Order plenty of brochures. Brochures are really your "store." They are designed well, colorful, and cheap. The photos are very clear and often show how the makeup looks on a real person. 
  • Keep brochures handy. I keep the latest campaign brochure in my purse, as well as an outlet sale flyers.
  • Buy stickers for the backs of brochures. My stickers match my business cards and large print makes them easy to read. Stickers include my name, phone number, email address, and website address. Brochures, stickers and business cards are powerful sales tools!
  • Don't forget special offers. Everyone loves a bargain! Use your imagination to come up with catchy ideas. How about free wrapping for Mother's Day? Birthday and anniversary reminders? BOGO - buy one get one?
  • Try, Recommend a friend and get 10% off your next order. 
  • Always upsell. This is a key sales tip that really works. Say your customer buys a certain fragrance; draw her attention to the lotion. Got an order for a necklace? Point out the ring on the same page. Did your customer choose a skincare product for aging skin? Make sure she knows about the eye lift cream.
  • Attend sales meetings. 
  • Make samples and demos work for you. Attach a sample on the page of the newest brochure where the item is listed with a paper clip. Encourage your customers to try the product. Buy a demo and either use it yourself or give to a faithful customer to try.
  • Holiday and special days. Remind your customer that holidays and special occasions tend to sneak up on us, and you have great gifts for just about anyone.
  • Don't forget the male customer. We tend to forget about the guys - but they have daughters home from college, wives who love to great makeup, and mothers who love to be treated to a thinking-of-you-mom gift. Avon has some great products especially for men. Check out the after-shave conditioners and the foot care line. Don't forget about  SSS for camping, fishing and working in the garden.
  • Use the no-hassle Return Policy to close the deal. Avon promises, "If you're not happy with any purchase, just return it for an exchange or your money back. No questions. No fuss. No problems." Even if the makeup is opened, if the customer is unhappy Avon will give a no-stress return.
  • Set a goal to find at least 2 new customers every campaign.
  • Use the “Power of 3” – Make 3 new contacts every day.
  • Comparison shop and be ready to give results to contacts.
  • Increase the number of brochures ordered by 10 every campaign.
  • Leave a brochure at 1 new business every campaign.
  • Wear an Avon logo pin or shirt – It’s free advertisement to those who don’t know you are an Avon representative.
  • Have 1 product each campaign that is the campaign special – Hand out info and samples about it to every contact and offer a discount of 10% or 20% if they purchase it in that campaign.
  • Have a positive attitude – It sells.
  • Show pages from national magazines that feature news about Avon products.
  • Spray your brochures with fragrances.
  • Find helpers in businesses, churches, schools, etc. and reward them for taking orders for you.
  • Leave a basket of demos in a business and pick them up the next day with orders too!!!
  • Pass our lumpy brochures out to businesses. (samples in flagged pages)
  • Advertise a “NEW CUSTOMER SALE” – Choose 2 or 3 products each campaign and offer a special discount to the “FIRST-TIME” customers.
  • Have an “OLD-TIMERS” special – Offer a special discount, a free product or a free trial size to any regular customer who gets you a new customer.
  • Have a special raffle drawing for any customer who has a minimum £20.00 order.
  • Have a “BUNNY SALE” for Easter – Offer 5% off every product that starts with the letter “B”.
  • Place business cards on every available notice board.
  • Talk to every customer about fundraising for the Avon speak out and breast cancer charities.
  • Wear different Avon fragrances 
  • Take Skin-So-Soft samples to any place and organization where workers are subject to bugs.
  • Put a sign in your car window
  • Advertise in local papers – Especially clearance sales, special discounts, or introduction of new products.
  • Give each customer an extra brochure and ask them to give them to family and friends.
  • Give a brochure and sample to every person behind the check-out.
  • Have an open house of Avon products during holiday seasons and offer free gift wrapping.
  • Offer an “AVON PARTY” at businesses during lunch hours.
  • Always carry a demo basket with you – Your customers will have friends visiting too.
  • Carry a “BARGAIN BASKET” – Purchase inexpensive products from outlet flyers and sell these to people who do not want to place an order. Also a good way to sell used “demos” or unwanted products that may accumulate.
  • Keep extra products on hand for people who may need a gift to give on the spur of the moment. Avon cookbooks make great wedding shower gifts.
  • Know your products!!!! Make brand comparisons and provide copies for your customers.
  • Set up a table in your local school fetes, car boots, craft fairs.

It's about trying something different.  Using different approaches and unusual places where your next Avon customer may be waiting to see your brochure or online store link!

If you haven't already joined us here at GailsReps Avon, then what are you waiting for?...

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