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Radio 5 Live On the Money Podcast with Gail Reynolds

Written by Gail Reynolds on October 13, 2011
On October the 9th 2011,  I (Gail Reynolds) was invited to the BBC to talk about how I managed to, not only build a business for just £25.00 that's now worth £6 Million pound a year, but to also discuss how it is still growing in sales even with the recession in its 3rd year.  Despite all the 'Doom and Gloom' I have also managed to write a book about my business experiences that has enabled me to share with other women and mums in business today, the simple 'How to's' and given them a Working Woman's Forum that was launched with the new website www.mymumsays.co to go hand in hand with the 1st book Mum's The Word.

Here you can listen in to the show by using the Podcast from the night, simply click the Radio 5 Live image below

Radio 5 Live On the Money
Radio 5 Live On the Money

2 responses to “Radio 5 Live On the Money Podcast with Gail Reynolds”

  1. Gail, I have just listened to your contribution to On The Money. I want to use Social Media to generate leads in my company. Please could you refer me to your blog and also mention the other sites (such as Ping.fm?) that you use to blog and for generating leads. Thanks Keith

  2. Gail says:

    Hi Keith
    Not sure what blog you would like me to refer you too?
    But, the social media sites you need to start with are the major ones such as
    Face Book (Pages) not profiles!
    Linked In
    Branch Out
    and there are many more you can choose for yourself
    http://www.ping.fm is a brilliant site that streams all your social profiles together and allows you to type in just one message that arrives on all the profiles of the above social mediums
    It saves time, and creates a mass spread of your message and your business profile
    if you ave any problems do come back and let me know
    the Ping site also has a list of social media sites you may not have even heard of, Join them (I did) and send your business message to those sites too.

    All the best

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