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Team GBR take over the Avon Beauty Bus!

Written by Gail Reynolds on September 27, 2013

On the 5th October 2013, we are extremely proud and happy to announce Avon is handing us the Amazing Avon Beauty Bus for the day. In the buzzing environment of the Bullring shopping center and some of our finest team members, I'm sure there won't be a dull moment.


Avon Beauty Bus 2013

Avon Beauty Bus 2013

Birmingham's Bullring

Results have shown that Birmingham was the place where most people were interested in getting on board the Avon bus and had the best results out of all the stops so far. The new Bullring is now one of Europe's largest city center shopping centers, with over 36.5 million visitors within their first year of being built attracting customers from all around the world.

So, feel free to join me and pop along to try Avon's new Revolutionary True Colour New Technology Make-up, check out the fantastic Double Decker bus and who knows? Maybe join the Avon journey as an Avon Representative! All aboard!

mom avon bus

Gail Reynolds Avon lady is on the Avon Beauty Bus

You are invited to visit the Avon Beauty Bus

Saturday 5th October

9am - 8pm

The Bullring shopping center, Birmingham, B5 4BU

The Avon Beauty Bus

The Avon Beauty Bus

What has the Avon Beauty bus got to offer?

The Avon Beauty bus is a fantastic opportunity to get a real feel of what Avon Cosmetics is all about. It holds iPad, comfy sofas and Avons new True Colour technology beauty range to test out. The amazing atmosphere of the bus allows people to have a positive feel the company and really has a great buzz about it. There are plenty of new people who would like to take up the Avon Opportunity to earn some extra cash in hand who think Avon is perfect for them.


Products on the Avon Beauty Bus

Products on the Avon Beauty Bus

Join us on the bus on Saturday the 5th and Join Avon Cosmetics for FREE on the day.


If you are interested in joining the team and become an Avon Representative, contact me today-

Free Phone 0800 6 3456 12

Email gail@gailsreps.co.uk

Text A V O N to 07581 40 90 70

Want the chance to win the Avon Beauty bus for a day?

This incentive is for Avon Sales Leaders only

Watch this video to find out more about the Avon opportunity:


So what are you waiting for?.

Join us on the Avon Bus Saturday the 5th of October between 8am and 9pm and join one of the fastest growing Avon Teams in the world (probably) 🙂

We would love to see you on the day, just have a walk around the Avon Bus to test the brand new Avon Make Up range, or come along to start your very own Avon business for FREE on the day.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Seating on the Avon Beauty Bus

Seating on the Avon Beauty Bus

2 responses to “Team GBR take over the Avon Beauty Bus!”

  1. Tara Barno says:

    I am wondering if I can join your team even though I live in Alaska USA? Tara

  2. Gail says:

    Hi Tara,
    That’s very kind of you to ask if you could join the team.
    However unfortunately we are only allowed to sign up people based in the UK
    Why don’t you search on the internet for a local representative?
    Have a nice day 🙂

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