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The Avon Golden Ticket Event

Written by Gail Reynolds on February 23, 2016

After many weeks of anticipation, organising guest speakers and recognising our Top achievers the Golden Ticket event finally took place on February 12th 2016 at the Royal Berkshire Conference Centre

The Avon Golden Ticket Event

Feb 2016

A short video on what we had set out for the day....

Now that the day has been and gone it is time to share some of the fantastic recognition and feed back from all of those that attended.

First of all there was some prizes and recognition to give out and it went on all day!

Top Avon prizes

Names in the hat went to Emma Gardner

Emma Gardner winner of the Avon Web cam

Emma Gardner winner of .....

Emma Gardner won a web cam with avon

The Avon Web Cam

Jayne Walker won the GOLDEN TICKET DRAW

Jayne Walker won the golden ticket draw

And the winner is....

Jayne Walker won the golden ticket draw

Jayne Walker winner of the Golden Ticket Prize Draw

After a little recognition and a few prize draws we started to talk about the Avon Leadership Business and how we were ready to step it up a notch and take on the Video Recruiting part of the business and make it happen for everyone!

Recruiting Avon Representatives ONLINE

We began with sharing ideas on the new Avon Video calling.  How were we going to to recruit new Avon Representatives using all kinds of video technology?.  From that question alone we had such an electricity belt of ideas.  But it also raised more questions on how, when and where can we now fit this into our Avon Leadership business and expand our income and our group sales?  The answers were awesome.  It is all about timing.  Making sure you can still give the same quality of a Face to Face appointment without having to even leave your home!!!

We had nailed it for the team....

Everything they needed we already had taken care of.

  • Telephones scripts
  • Pre-interviews
  • Lead Templates
  • Delivery prices and company's
  • Follow up content
  • Training, videos, PDF's and print outs...

As a team we had it covered.

So, from using Skype to Google Hangouts everything is possible now.  

Avon Sales Leaders can now recruit throughout the UK including Northern Ireland using Video calling as a Face to Face call.  All it takes is a few minutes to have your brand new team members up and running with an Avon Account number and their very own FREE Online Store.

Ding Dong Avon is video calling

Once we discussed how to build a BIGGER stronger and faster using online video calling we went on to discuss Avon Advanced Leadership and the massive new benefits of the Avon Fast Start Bonus and the Avon Advanced Leadership Pay Plan.  Our Guest speaker Nichola McCleod was just fantastic with her 60 second selling techniques and her planning to succeed steps to success!

Avon regional manager Nichola McCleod

Avon regional manager Nichola McCleod

5 Steps to success with Avon Advanced Leadership

  1. Plan your numbers
  2. Plan your resources
  3. Plan your activities
  4. Execution
  5. Follow up

Planning to achieve in Avon Advanced Leadership

Nichola even had the team doing the 60 second sales challenge, which gave us even more fantastic ideas to move our Avon Leadership businesses forward.  Talking to one another for just 60 seconds and selling the Avon Advanced Leadership business really helped us see how others sell the business and how we could use some of those techniques ourselves.  

Avon Order Management

We have been defining, shaping and changing our Avon order management system for many years.  So with all the new and exciting things we discussed during the day it was only right we ended on our brand new Steps 1 to 9 Team GBR Follow up system.  We all know the success is in the 'Follow up' so we really worked hard on crossing every T and dotting every i !

Avon Team Follow up steps 1 to 9

We have created the easiest Step by Step process for all our Representatives needs when they first join Avon.  Creating a duplicatable system that all our Sales Leaders can use along with their down line team of Sales Leaders was our aim.  Being able to take away their worries and ensuring a new Avon Representative gets everything they need to know in their first few weeks is crucial.  Learning the Avon business in bite size chunks is always something I wished I could have had when I first started Avon back in 2002.  So, it is a great pleasure to not only have achieved it and developed it myself, but to hear back of some of the great Leaders and Representatives that are using it.  

Don't just take our word for it, here are a few Team GBR Members that wanted to share their feed back with you too 🙂

Testimonials from the day

Trina Thompson  "I loved the Questions and Answers, Prizes, gifts and especially the Sales Leadership pair up tactics, ie Sales person recruiting the other and feed back we had from each other."

Tracy Faulkner "I found the entire day informative, fun and with lots of prizes.  I like the q&a throughout the day too, and the guest speakers spot about Avon Advanced Leadership.  The day helped me refocus."

Dawn Eccles "Amazing training, great interaction with other sales leaders and picked up some great ideas.  Some fantastic recognition awarded too."

Ginny Ward "Even though I have being doing Avon for 5 years I still learnt things. Got to grips with the new bonuses on offer. Lovely lunch with chance to chat to other Team GBR members. Lots of recognition and spot prizes (happy I won one of these) and learnt to work smarter not harder. Great event would definitely go again."

Jayne Walker "Awesome investment in my time and myself. So much was learnt by everyone that attended, regardless of how long they have been a sales leader with Avon. It was great to get together and learn from other sales leaders and also to help others that were thinking that sales leadership might be for them. Also a bonus to win the golden ticket raffle" (web cam)

Chloe Martin "Avon has changed my life for the better. And the Golden Ticket Event has helped me in ways I cant describe. I met some fantastic people and learnt alot about how to build my business. Since joining i've never looked back." -Chloe

Vasi Vee "Wow ..what a day , lots to learn , Recognition , and the best part is a game plan to help boost my business. Cant wait for the next one , the Gust speaker was brilliant."

Libby Punzels Reynolds "The Golden Ticket Event 2015 was possibly one of the best training events I have been to! I felt part of a great team, I learnt lots of new things and found myself even more motivated to continue to build my business. Everyone interacted, the lunch was lovely, and the recognition was the perfect touch! Can't wait for the next event. Thanks x"

Many more team members achieved recognition throughout the day too... Take a look at just a few 🙂

Dawn Eccles won longest established Avon Leader and PC achiever

Dawn Eccles won longest established Avon Leader and PC achiever

Helen Hobson won a Golden Ticket Prize

Helen Hobson won a Golden Ticket Prize

Jane Philpott recruited over 400 people into her team in 2015

Jane Philpott recruited over 400 people into her team in 2015

Libby Reynolds won TOP RECRUITER For C4

Libby Reynolds won TOP RECRUITER For C4

Andrea Hill and Paul Dunnington achieved personal goals in 2015

Andrea Hill and Paul Dunnington achieved personal goals in 2015

What next?...

Now we have launched the brand new Steps 1 - 9 for new Avon Representatives we are going to be working on a brand new guide for all new Avon Leaders.  We will share our combined knowledge and experience of over 27 years in Avon MLM and we will be putting together an Exclusive Team GBR ONLY 9 Steps guide to Avon Advanced Leadership.

We look forward to working with our team all year round and our Golden Ticket events are there to provide team building, training, networking, recognition and an abundance of knowledge, enthusiasm and motivation for everyone that attends.  The dates will be announced shortly for our November/December training and we hope you can come along and see what all the fuss is about! 

Changing lives and exceeding expectations

Let me know if you'd like to know more about our team and our meetings by leaving me a small message below 🙂

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