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Avon Sales Leaders Incentive – Double your money

Written by Gail Reynolds on February 5, 2013

Avon sales leadership is a fantastic business to be in.  The company really look after the working sales leaders at every opportunity.

Campaign 4 2013 shows just how much Avon are investing into our business.

Double your money!

If you didn't already know, Avon put on an incentive for the Christmas campaigns (C17-C1) 2012.  The incentive was simple, for every new Avon Representative you recruited (Over the first 5) you would receive £50.00 plus £10.00 for each new Avon Representative after that!  Now in Campaign 5 Avon are doubling your money for your efforts made last year!.

How to double your Avon incentive money

This incentive runs from Campaign 17 2012 - Campaign 4 2013 (T/S Campaign 1 2013 - Campaign 6 2013) and is based on LOA1 and LOA 4-6 Representatives in your first generation.

*Generation one only

** MOV = Minimum Order Value of £78

n.b. No payments will be made for LOA 4 – 6 Representatives that are as a result of roll-ups.

Part 1 - Campaign 17 2012 – Campaign 1 2013 (T/S Campaign 12013 - Campaign 3 2013)

Get five LOA1 Representatives* placing an order over MOV and you will receive £50.00 in total.

Part 2 – Campaign 4 2013 (T/S Campaign 6 2013)For every LOA 1 Representative* from part 1 who then goes on to place an order over MOV** at LOA 4 – 6 in C4 2013(T/S C6 2013) your money will double!

For example: Achieve part one with eight LOA 1 Representatives* placing an order over MOV** – earn £80, if four of those LOA 1 Representatives* go on to place an order over MOV** at LOA 4 – 6 in C4 2013 your earnings will increase to £120. However, if all eight of them go on to place an order over MOV** in C4 2013 your earnings will increase to £160!
All payments will be made during the Campaign 5 2013 cycle and will therefore show on the Campaign 5 2013 Sales Leader statement - perfect for any post-Christmas bills and to help you make a strong start to the New Year!

2 responses to “Avon Sales Leaders Incentive – Double your money”

  1. SARAH HARDING says:

    Hi there I was suppose to be having a rep out today so that I could get started Im interested in becoming a team leader in my area,

    However the consultant that was due to come today, did not turn up no phone call to advise me she was unable to attend the meeting, I have to say that I was more than a little angry as had set the who day aside for her

  2. Gail says:

    Hello Sarah
    I can only apologies for the unprofessional behavior of others.
    If you would like to join my team then please privately email me and I will have a reliable Avon Sales Leader out to you for next week.

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