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How do I pay Avon

Written by Gail on April 15, 2010

How to pay Avon

The amount you owe Avon is shown on your invoice. Paying for your Avon order is simple, with 3 possible ways to pay:

Option 1 – pay Avon online

You can pay online by visiting and using the Avon Login facility from there.  Once logged into your Avon account click on 'My Account' and choose 'Make a payment'.  You can use your debit card to make a payment.

This method is great for last minute payments, but does not give you a physical receipt to file.  It also is a pain having to transfer the collected cash from your customers into your bank to be able to pay the bill.

Option 2 – pay Avon by phone

You can call Avon customer service line on 0333 234 5000 Select option '2' to pay for your order using your debit card.

Again, this method is great for last minute payments but does not give you a physical receipt, and you may need to put the money in the bank before you can pay it out.

Option 3 – pay Avon at any Post Office

You can pay by cash using the Giro Slip on your invoice. There is a 57p charge for this which you need to add to your payment, so if your order is for £402.40, you should pay £402.95. £402.40 is the payment that will show on your next invoice.

We think this is the best way to pay.  After collecting your money from the customers you can simply take it to the post office to pay over the counter.  You also get a physical receipt as proof of payment, handy for your files.

TIP.....  If you cut out the GIRO BAR CODE as big as a credit card and laminate it, you can pop it in your purse and use it over and over again.  I often get to the post office and realize I forgot to pick up the invoice and use this instead.

If you cannot pay your Avon bill due to personal circumstances please call 0333 234 6666 to set up an easy payment plan.  This will allow you to continue with your Avon business once the bill is paid off in full.

Avon contact details:


Call 0333 234 5000 Press option “0” to speak to an agent

This number can be FREE From your home phone and mobile too, so long as you have a package of minutes as it is treated the same way as any regular phone 01/02 number.



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