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A week in the life of an Avon Senior Sales Leader

Written by Gail Reynolds on July 25, 2010

Gail Reynolds Avon Lady

Entrepreneur and Avon Senior Sales Leader

Monday 19th July - Sunday 25th July

Monday, was the start of our personal assistant in the Office.  My son Ashleigh joined Brian and I in the Avon business today.  Brilliant progress, Ashleigh managed to do some spreadsheets, leads and data base stuff for me.  He is a natural!

Tuesday, Ashleigh and I drove to Swansea today.  Ash drove to yeovil(learner driver) and I drove the rest of the way.  Met up with Mark Robinson, Margaret and Ian Greenaway to do some training on the leadership.  Congrats to maggy for achieving Advanced Sales leader & Mark for achieving his sales leader level.  All the best to Ian on his 1st day of training on Monday coming!....

Wednesday, took Rosie to school, Libbyis at college this week so she walked with friends.  Brian Ash and Scott out appointing today!... I am organising my trip to Sky News tomorrow in the gherkin tower for my interview with Anna Jones on the Jeff Randall show....  Went to the beach at middayand had lunch with Rosie and her class.  Lovely afternoon.  Pay day, we earnt £7'920.00 for 3 weeks work!

Thursday, Up early, Ashleigh having a superb day in the office.  Booked in 8leads for Tuesday next week for him and Scott to go recruit and Thursday next week he has 5 booked in so far!.  I caught up on all my paper work, put together some training for Rachael and her team for Saturday's training day.  Produced the Recognition letter & PC letter for sales leaders & Avon Representatives. Jeff Randell show at 1-30 pm, arrived and went on LIVE at 7-45 pm......wow what an experience.  I love my job, I love Avon, I love being part of such a huge and amazing company.

Friday, just coming down from the ceiling after yesterdays interview on sky news.  Brian off to do a few sign ups, Ashleigh processing some data for me on the new computer.  Ash is doing brilliant at calling the leads and booking them in....I am very proud of him.  Lots of blogs, emails and phone calls made today.  Organised the 3 way advertising for Marsha, Paul and Mags and Ian today.....I love haggling for advertising space!!.

Saturday, Up early, printing off some training information for Rachael, Jessica and Mindy.  Off to Christchurch, Bournemouth to meet up & help with Rachael and her team.  Congrats on Advanced Level Rachael......Hope you got loads from today, I am extremely proud of you.  Came home and picked up Brian and the girls from the Sea Life Centre in Weymouth.  Bought a couple of DVD's some popcorn and chocolate....came home and watched TV all afternoon....Brill day...

Sunday.  Up around 9am, cleaned the house, hung the washing out, put the Sunday roast on.  Went to the car boot at 1pm got the girls a bike each! cheap as chips!!..  Got home for 3-30pm, and my brother Scott and Emmacame over with the kids...we had sandwiches, crisps and ice cream in the garden...

Keep tuned for next weeks diary...


2 responses to “A week in the life of an Avon Senior Sales Leader”

  1. Louise Baker says:

    I loved this, i am fairly new to Avon and to read the week of such an inspiration is very exciting to me. I hope not too far in the future to be doing something similar to this myself. Well done Gail and her team.

  2. Helen Moss says:

    Truly an inspiration. I cant wait to have pay packets like yours LOL x

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