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How to bag your Avon orders

Written by Gail Reynolds on July 13, 2010

Your 1st Avon delivery has arrived and you need to know exactly what to do with all those boxes and products!

This simple step by step guide to bagging up your Avon orders will help you make it quick and easy

Below is a video for you to watch

Learn how following easy steps to bagging your Avon orders can make the process fast and fun


How to bag up your Avon orders

  • Open your Avon boxes upside down to use again for any returns
  • Put your Avon products in order so they are easy to find
  • Avon make-up can be found easy if you have the "Shade or colour" on display
  • Bag your customers Avon orders in delivery order
  • Your Giro slip to make payment keep this safe
  • Ticking and bagging will help you ensure every customer has their products
  • Ensure your order forms are in order of delivery
  • How to organise your next brochure, flag a page and use a sample
  • Choose a page & product that has an offer with it when flagging pages & giving away samples
  • Flagging Scented pages work really well too, especially if you don't have a sample
  • Call Avon from you mobile for FREE on 0333 234 5000

For even more questions you may need the answer too why not check out our FAQ pages too including How to read Your Invoice



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