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Avon Networking Golden Rules with Karren Brady and Gail Reynolds

Written by Gail Reynolds on June 30, 2011

The golden rules to Networking with Karren Brady

Avon have appointed Karren Brady as the new Avon mentor for Avon Women in the UK.  I was asked to speak alongside Karren at an event for Bloggers to hear our views and top tips for Networking and how to get the most out of meeting other people.

Karren Brady the 3 minute rule

Avon cosmetics have long been a networking business.  It has only really came to the forefront of some Avon Representatives and Avon Sales Leaders minds to really push their levels of networking to grow their business.

On the 22nd June 2011 Avon UK invited several UK Bloggers to the Event of 'The Golden Rules to Networking with Karren Brady'.

It was a huge success for the UK Bloggers and Avon Networkers in the room.  With 7 Top Avon Representatives and Avon Sales Leaders at the event including Karren Brady this networking event was a great success.

Karren brady gave us her Top 3 Tips to networking and I also (Gail Reynolds) presented to the UK Bloggers. It was such an honour to have Karren  introduce me as the next speaker and I was thrilled to be able to share what I had learned in business as a Network Marketing Avon lady since 2002.  Sharing my Top Tips on how I have built my networking business with fellow Avon entrepreneurs and the Bloggers in the room was really exciting , especially knowing that Karren was listening in too!

Watch the video and get your pen and paper to the ready! You won't be disappointed.


Get involved...What are your Top Tips on networking &  would you care to share with us?

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9 responses to “Avon Networking Golden Rules with Karren Brady and Gail Reynolds”

  1. Kati Ellender says:

    A lot of really useful info there! Still new to social networking, but from watching that I realize I need to be more forthcoming about myself, not just the Avon side of things- WHO I am and WHY I love Avon! So people WANT to visit my page, and bring more customers to ME!

  2. Gail says:

    Hi Kati, Welcome to the networking industry!. I found being part of this event has given me ideas on how to communicate my experiences with networking through my Blog. Blogging is not advertising, blogging is personal and informative but more importantly blogging is about your personal passion, thoughts and feelings and inviting people into your “space” to communicate with them about it. I am so excited & can’t wait for other people’s views on this particular blog.

  3. Poppy Downswirth says:

    You are so lucky to of met Karen Brady!

  4. I have been doing Avon for about 7 months and have now gone into Sales Leadership.
    I am just about getting me head round it all, but this site is amazing i have learnt so much from it and love having a good read of all the things you put on here.
    You inspire me really you do.
    Thank you for taking the time to do all this for people like mex

  5. It was a fantastic event, and it was great meeting you. I loved hearing all the tips from Karren and you, and will hopefully be using some of these in the future.

  6. Ginny Ward says:

    I have discovered that if you want to succeed with networking you have just keep promoting yourself. People say to me now, if they want to find an avon rep or get the latest book they would go online! How else are they going to find us as we are not in the high street. Teams with the biggest internet presence are the ones that will succeed in this decade!

  7. Wow Gail well done you. what a fantastic opportunity to spend the day sharing top tips with Karen Brady. Some super information in the video and would recommend all take the time to watch it. Whilst I’m experienced in networking through tradional face to face methods I’m certainly learning alot about the online side and loving it.

  8. maryanne short says:

    How lucky are you to of met Karen Brady. xxx

  9. Gail says:

    It was pretty awesome I must admit!

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