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Avon Rising Stars Incentives for New Representatives and Sales leaders

Written by Gail Reynolds on June 22, 2012

Avon UK are offering a £150.00 reward to Join Avon now

In Campaigns 14 - 16 2012 Avon are offering all new Avon Representatives a chance to achieve £100 worth of products and £50.00 cash back

It is simple too.  All you need to do is Join Avon in any one of the 3 campaigns 14 - 16 and you will be in with a chance to receive this amazing reward.  You will need to place your 1st and 2nd Avon orders that reach a (HOV) Higher Order Value of just £148.00 to achieve the amazing £100 Super Sellers  kit.

So, if you haven't joined Avon yet or you would like to come back to Avon then click on the link below and Join GailsAvon now

Your flyer with all the information you need is here for you to take a closer look at, there are no catches this is what you need to do as a new Avon Representative to achieve this Amazing £150.00Avon  reward

If you know anything about Avon you will know that you can earn an unlimited Income too, your Avon commissions are from 20-25% and you can earn as much  or as little as you like.  This Rising Stars Award are for All of Avon's New Avon representatives that want to become a part of this incredible company.


Along with the flyer you can check out exactly what you will get in your £100 Super Sellers kit too:


Not only will you have these products to use, sell, raffle off or do what ever you want with to gain customers you will also be given this flyer that will help you do exactly that!

In our team we teach you all there is to know about finding, keeping and maintaining your customers in our exclusive Gail's Golden Rules to Customers, but Avon are providing you with this amazing Top Tips sheet to go along with your Super Selling kit


Amazingly enough it doesn't end here though!...

By Joining Avon in the next 3 campaigns you can also achieve an awesome £50.00 cash back on your Avon invoice when you place your 3rd and 4th order with Avon.  This is simple too, you just need to have placed £500.00 or more in orders over your 1st 2nd and 3rd campaigns and a 4th order of the MOV Minimum order value of £78.00 and you will see a credit worth £50.00 on your 4th Avon invoice.  That's £50.00 you don't have to pay towards your Avon bill and you get to KEEP THE CASH VALUE!...I love Avon and have been working with Avon since 2012, this is their best offer yet.  So what are you waiting for?

Join Avon today and take up this Rising Stars offer that cannot be beat!


2 responses to “Avon Rising Stars Incentives for New Representatives and Sales leaders”

  1. Gill says:

    Whats the song in the rising stars advert ??

  2. Gail says:

    I don’t know hunny. I don’t think it is a song, just a piece of music Avon made. x

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